Announcing Course Dates for Harpole’s Heartland Lodge

The dates are set! We are offering classes in June, July, and August at Harpole’s Lodge. Call 800-717-4868 to make a reservation at the resort and to sign up for the one of the land navigation courses. There are only 20 spots per course so make your reservation soon.

Here is the schedule.

26th: one day land navigation course
27- 28th: two day land navigation course

30 – 31st: two day land navigation course

20th: one day land navigation course
21 – 22: TN Special Father-son/daughter land navigation event

See you at Harpole’s!


Luxury and Training Combined: Harpole’s Heartland Lodge and Teton Navigation

Teton Navigation proudly announces we have officially partnered with the Orvis Endorsed Harpole’s Heartland Lodge to offer summer and fall land navigation training courses. Teton previewfooter-logoNavigation will offer one and two day basic land navigation classes, as well as custom land navigation courses, at Gary Harpole’s 700 acre beautiful sprawling property in Nebo, IL.

A few weeks ago, we mentioned that we were going to change our business model slightly.  Instead of asking our clients to either camp with us in the field, or stay in a nearby Jackson hotel, we decided that we wanted to raise the luxury level of our clients’ experience.  We came to the conclusion that our typical client was either an experienced hunter, fly-fisherman or horseback rider – and in some cases all three.  We wanted to provide a beautiful setting for the land navigation classes, but also allow our clients to enjoy great food, drinks, lodging and the company of other like-minded individuals.  To that end, after discussions with Gary Harpole, he graciously agreed to allow us to conduct our training at his lodge.

Course schedule and booking information will be posted soon. In the mean time, do yourself a favor and check out the Harpole’s Heartland Lodge website to tide you over until you can sign up for a course.


Teton Navigation: Changing how we do business

Teton Navigation would like to announce a change in how we do business. We have begun to team with America’s finest hunting lodges, fly-fishing lodges and cattle ranches to bring you a world class educational and luxury experience.






We identified a short list of very high-end properties that are world renowned for their location, amenities, and once in a lifetime experiences, and have asked them to allow us to conduct our training courses on their private properties.  How does this benefit the customer you ask?

These private lodges offer a different experience then our basic overnight camping model. Clients can bring family members that can  enjoy other world class activities (yes, some have spas) while we are conducting the land navigation classes. The lodges offer extremely comfortable accommodations and fine dining experiences.  Matched with the benefit of experiencing these great big game hunting, wingshooting, fly-fishing and cattle ranching locations and you can see why we are so excited about doing this.  Continue reading


I am not attached to my phone but I do love my open table app. It has yet to fail me in finding a good restaurant no matter where I am in the country. Given, it is not difficult to find a good 577062_236110659845813_502394812_arestaurant in Jackson, Wyoming – in fact there are several five star dining options – but because it is a big vacation locale the restaurants, bars, and cafes change often. Local opened in 2012 and, obviously by the name, promotes locally available food.

But here is the great thing about a place that promotes local food in Jackson: it means I get to eat (read: savor) elk medallions on a bed of sweet potato mash (picture to the right). It was nothing less than spectacular. Did I mention that I started with a wild game charcuterie plate? Yeah, I just said wild game charcuterie plate. Duck prosciutto? Yes, please. Pheasant smoked sausage? Yes, please! GALLERY_FOOD_new

Sorry vegetarians, this place is not for you. The logo of this place is an outline of a cow – and with good reason. There is a lot of meat on the menu. For you carnivores out there, if you are not from the west, do yourself a favor and try the elk. If you are from the west and are used to elk meat, try it anyway.   Continue reading

Gear Report: Irish Setter Wingshooting Boots

If you happen to need (want) them, now is the time to buy a new pair of wingshooting boots. I just bought a new pair of Irish Setter 894s (pictured to the right) and they are damned near perfect. Why buy them now? You894-2T never want to take a new pair of boots on a hunting trip. Especially when you’ve dropped a couple of thousand dollars on a once in a lifetime southern plantation quail trip.  You need to break them in first, and there is no better time then the spring and summer to do that.

My first pair of Irish Setter boots were a pair of Wingshooter 807′s. For those that don’t know, Irish Setter is owned by the storied Red Wing Shoes Company of Minnesota. In 1950, Irish Setter became a divison of Red Wing Shoes that was spun off to adopt their work boots for sporting use.

My 807′s are 7 inches tall, come in a dark brown leather with a black sole and, most importantly, are waterproof. They have a Goodyear leather welt sole (so they can be re-soled). I originally bought them to take with me to Sandanona – the Orvis Wingshooting School in Millbrook, New York.  Sandanona is in the scenic Hudson Valley, in horse and foxhunting country in upstate New York.  The school is excellent, worth the money, and I’ll write a post about it in the future.

I was heading up there in the fall Continue reading

Gear Report: Suunto Vector HR Watch

Like all the Suunto products I have used, the Vector HR (Heart Rate) is made to a high standard, has proven to be useful, durable, practical and a good value for the money.  10096465x1012905_zm

I bought my Suunto Vector HR 2 1/2 years ago when I was getting ready to run the North Face 50 mile Endurance Challenge trail marathon. I wanted a watch that had altimeter and compass functions, as well as a stopwatch and most importantly a heart rate function. I had been issued a Sunnto Vector when I was in the military and knew it to be durable and functional, and thought I would give the Vector HR a try.

The Vector HR does everything that the Vector does with the addition of the heart rate function, accomplished by a strap that you wear around your upper body. When you sweat it makes a solid connection to the electrical impulses in your chest and sends that via radio waves to your watch. Continue reading

Gear Report: MSR Pocket Rocket

Winter storm Saturn knocked out the electrical power, forcing me to boil water for coffee using our camp stove – the MSR Pocket Rocket. I realized that this is a piece of gear that is really useful that msr_pocketrocketI may have forgotten to share with you because of its simplicity. Here is how it works: 1. Isopropane canister screws into the Pocket Rocket burner with prongs that fold out, 2. Turn knob to release isopropane, 3. Light with a match.

AND…it has a funny name — sorry Pocket Rocket makers, but many a juvenile joke was made at your expense during my most giggly (read: tipsy) camping moments.

But all kidding aside, this thing does as advertised and more. It boils water in about two minutes for coffee, camping meals, Raman noodles, etc. Continue reading

Gear Report: Buffalo Jackson Trading Company

A few days ago I sent in a comment on the Contact Us page of the Buffalo Jackson Trading Company. I have been looking at their site for a while now, admiring their selection of fine looking picture-2products. I need to get some Teton Navigation hats made, and liking what I saw on their site, I inquired if someone could help me with the sourcing and embroidering so we could get some quality products made for our customers.

The next day I received an email from their founder, Xan Hood, offering to help us however he could. The following day he passed the information we needed to be able to get some high quality hats into your hands – and for that I’m grateful.   Continue reading

Gear Report: Backpacker Gear Guide 2013

I just picked up the April issue of Backpacker Magazine. This is their 2013 Gear Guide issue. For you gear junkies, this is the equivalent of Oprah finding a bag of Doritos in the back of her limo thatAprilGG2013_Cover_445x260  she forgot she had.

I just flipped through it to see if there was anything that immediately stood out to me. A couple of things jumped out, which I may order and write follow-on gear reports.

For starters, one tasty morsel in particular is the Adventure Appetites Reindeer Gouda Scramble Wrap (, which won an Editor’s Choice Award.  Looks like the perfect breakfast food.  Continue reading

Restaurant Report: Deschutes Brewery, Bend, Oregon

A Black Butte Porter beer at Deschutes Brewery is a beautiful thing. Add a locally-raised, grass-fed, free-roaming, Evian-drinking, sun-basking, massage-getting, beef burger with a creamy cheddar BBP_oval-1cheese that was probably made from the milk of the same pampered cow, and you have a little piece of heaven my friends. I seriously considered moving to Bend after that burger and beer combo. Oh, and there is a Patagonia store around the corner – it was like cherub angels touched their little fat fingers to this town and up sprung a town of people that make a great burger, brew fantastic beer, and are smart enough to make sure there is a Patagonia store nearby.

Earlier in the day we had left the gorgeous Oregon Coast at Agate Beach. We were lamenting the fact that for the last time on this road trip we had watched the dogs run, chase seagulls, and generally have the best time I have ever seen two dogs have. Continue reading